In this episode, Makayla's going to take us inside the history of Penhurst Asylum while Ashley covers the Pokegam Sanatorium and it hits home in more ...View Details

In this episode, The Sisters, discuss some ways our species is dealing with their remains after their deaths. For some there is no coming back, for ot...View Details

In this episode, The Sisters, discuss two women who fought to create a better world than what they were given. Two women who, in their own way, and fo...View Details

Ep. 30 From Zero to Hero

In this episode, the sisters focus on two people that defeated their environments to go and achieve their life goals and a little worldwide fame, no b...View Details

In this episode, Ashley educates Makayla on how reindeer came to pull Santa's sleigh. Makayla continues the holiday tradition by sharing another tear-...View Details

Ep. 28 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! In this episode, Makayla has brewed up some stories about where and how we get our spooky holiday and Ashley takes us through the yea...View Details

In this week's episode, Makayla's going to layout the blueprints on the Winchester Mansion while Ashley explains why people like Zach Baggins even exi...View Details

Just kidding! Now it's Fall for real, and the girls are ready to ramble more than ever in this episode about Greek Tragedies, and the origin story of ...View Details

In this episode the sisters kick of Fall season right!  Ashley is going to be telling you about how we got the NFL and why we call it football when th...View Details

In this episode the girls talk about some important women repping a Police Badge and how we went from armies of men serving rulers to an established d...View Details

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